Delivery by courier 24/72 hours after collection

Terms of delivery.

The delivery terms, where not expressly indicated as essential, are always intended as indicative. In the event of non-collection or impossibility of delivery of the products, in the event that they remain in stock with the supplier, the buyer, in addition to the value of the supply, will be required to pay for each week of storage after the first 10 days, against deposit and administrative costs, for an amount equal to 0.5% of the total value of the undelivered goods, in addition to any expenses charged by the carrier.

The Seller frees himself from the obligation of delivery by returning the products to the shipper. Transport costs are borne by the Buyer, thus assuming the Buyer himself all the risks and dangers related to transport. The various agreements indicated in the order proposal, of which this writing is an integral part, are reserved.

The supplier reserves the right to reasonably make partial deliveries. No compensation or compensation will be recognized to the Buyer for the undelivered items.

Any liability for delivery resulting from force majeure or other unforeseeable events not attributable to the supplier, including, without limitation, strikes, lockouts, public administration provisions, subsequent blocking of export or import possibilities, in consideration of their duration and of their scope, release the supplier from the obligation to respect any agreed delivery time.

The supplier is not obliged to accept returns of products, unless expressly agreed in writing. Any costs incurred for this purpose are borne by the buyer.

Delivery costs:

-Italy: within the national territory the delivery costs are equal to 3% of the total amount.

-Extra trolley category: delivery costs will be quantified separately for trolleys at the time of processing the order.

-Countries of the European Union: delivery costs are equal to 9% of the total amount in the countries of the European Union, excluding Italy.

-America: delivery costs are 15% of the total amount in America.